2022 Maserati F Tributo: A Tribute to Excellence

The 2022 Maserati F Tributo is a love story of speed and passion, paying tribute to the first woman to compete in Formula 1, the fearless Maria Teresa De Filippis.

De Filippis was only 22 years old when she competed in her first motorsports race, marking the start of her career as a pioneer in the sport. Ten years later, in 1958, she made history as the first woman to compete in Formula 1, at the Grand Prix in Monaco. During her career she competed behind the wheel of a Maserati A6GCS, Maserati 200S and Maserati 250Fs.

The Maserati F Tributo pays tribute to its racing bloodline, with the new Special Edition offered for the high-caliber Ghibli and Levante. The F Tributo’s style is timeless, a high-performance aesthetic nodding to a colorful racing heritage and the woman who began a legacy. The Special Edition comes in two exclusive colours, a blazing shade of orange called the ‘Arancio Devil’, inspired by De Filippe’s nickname, ‘the she-devil’. The second colour, ‘Grigio Lamiera’, is a gray inspired by the colour of the racetrack Maserati calls its home. The cabin is a combination of black and orange and natural PienoFiore (Full-Grain) leather with contrasting cobalt blue and orange stitching.

The F Tributo Special Edition honours Maserati’s incredible racing history and ground-breaking wins in the world of motorsports as they continue to drive innovation high speed into the future.

Check out the Special Edition Maserati F Tributo for yourself!