Grecale Reservation

Grecale Reservation

Embrace innovation, push limits, think forward. Something exceptional is coming, carried by the winds of change.

Naming our creations after the winds is a Maserati Tradition. It all began in 1963 with the Mistral, followed by the Ghibli, Bora and many others, leading up to the 2016 Levante SUV. And now, it’s time for the Grecale. The strong, cool Mediterranean wind brings a whole new wave of technology, performance and design feats. It’s time for a luxury revolution.


MASERATI OF VICTORIA - Grecale - Powerful Even In The Most Extreme Conditions

Powerful Even In The Most Extreme Conditions

Not even snow and ice can hinder the Grecale’s energy: during the mission the prototypes were tested to fine-tune their start-up and driveability at extreme temperatures, to check the vehicle dynamics on mixed surfaces of tarmac, snow and ice, and to maintain in-car comfort in all weather conditions, varying from a few degrees above zero to as low as -30°C in Lapland.

Tests were also carried out to fine-tune the car’s traction, understeer and oversteer in different drive modes and with varying sizes and types of wheels, to specifically characterise each of the driving modes on offer.


MASERATI OF VICTORIA - Grecale - The Global Premiere Is Almost Here

The Global Premiere Is Almost Here

A special event: Grecale is on the road ahead of the Global Première. Grecale’s energy is unstoppable and the new SUV is already covering many miles with the Maserati Family at the wheel: the “Everyday Exceptional” already forms part of the everyday lives of the Grecale’s designers, makers and those who have made it a reality.

The camouflage features just one main message: “I’m the Maserati Grecale. I can’t tell you much more”.

Everyone’s questions will be answered and all of the missing information will be provided on 22 March.


MASERATI OF VICTORIA - Grecale - Live The Italian Dream With Your Grecale

Live The Italian Dream With Your Grecale

Experience exclusive privileges at GAIN Group and the businesses within, such as the Villa Eyrie Resort, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, GAIN Detailing Studio, Coachwerks Restorations and the GAIN Collision Centre.

Introducing the Maserati of Victoria Getaway Experience. Maserati of Victoria is now offering every new owner an unforgettable experience that includes a penthouse-getaway, custom dining experiences, plus an exhilarating experience at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.