Maserati Project24 – Radically Unique

Codename: Project24. A racetrack-only undertaking by Maserati to further push the brand's unlimited performance capabilities to a new level of excitement and dynamic excellence.

The Project24 enhances all aspects taken from its basis, the MC20. The revolutionary Nettuno V6 engine receives a new pair of turbochargers, raising peak power from 621 hp to a heart-racing 740 hp sent to the rear wheels through a rapid paddle-shift 6-speed sequential transmission. Suspension is lowered and uprated for optimal handling feel and balance with double wishbones, adjustable race-specification dampers, and adjustable anti-roll bars at each corner.

Though additional features such as a 120-litre fuel tank, FIA-specification fire extinguisher, and FIA homologated safety cage are installed, the Project24 weighs-in at a mere 1,250kg – one-quarter tonne lighter than the MC20. This featherweight is thanks to the all-new carbon fibre bodywork, removal of sound-deadening materials throughout the chassis, 18” centre lock aluminum wheels, and lightweight Brembo Carbon Ceramic Material brakes.

Only 62 examples of the Project24 will be made.