MC12 – Modern Classic Super Sportscar

Before MC20, there was MC12. Maserati and Ferrari collaborated strongly with each other in the early 2000s, among these collaborations was the decision to take Maserati racing once again after a near 40-year hiatus. Using the contemporary Ferrari Enzo as a basis, the expertise of both brands established the MC12 to compete in the top-tiers of GT racing. The styling was penned by the renowned Frank Stephenson and brought classic Maserati design traits up-to-date in a dramatically proportioned-super sportscar. Exclusively built as a two-seater, the interior made great use of leather and Alcantara to further enhance the MC12’s sense of occasion.

The MC12 competed in several distinct GT1 racing series and netted 40 wins in the 90-some races it contested. These racing series mandated Maserati to make 50-homologated examples for the road. Road-racer may be a term used liberally with high-performance cars, but the MC12 is an undisputed superlative in embodying that notion. Powered by a reworked variant of Ferrari’s F140 engine, the 6.0-litre V12 sang to 7,500RPM and produced a mind-bending 621 bhp and 652 Nm of torque. The mid-engine configuration is complimented by a long wheelbase for high-speed stability, and the long front and rear overhangs house cooling and aerodynamic apparatuses. While the racing variants of the MC12 were solely built as hardtops, all roadgoing Stradale variants were sold with removable hardtop roofs.