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MC20 Page


Italian Born & Racing Inspired

The first racing Maserati was the Tipo 26, the number indicating the year of manufacture. The MC20 signifies the year 2020 as it is the first car born into the brand’s new era. The MC20 is the natural successor the MC12, the wildly successful super sportscar of the early 2000s that saw Maserati return to racing after a 37 year hiatus.

Racing forward, inspired from our esteemed past. Both in name and design, the MC20 is a clear and bold embodiment of Maserati’s century-spanning greatness. The MC20 signifies Maserati’s triumphant entry into a new era, and passionate rediscovery of its original sporting DNA and essential audacity. MC20 is the pure form of speed, with Maserati panache. A work of sculptural engineering hewn by masterfully-minded and passionate automobile enthusiasts. No frills, no excess, just energy.


Power Fit for the Gods

Wholly produced in Modena, the historic home of Maserati, the all-new Nettuno engine is the revolutionary powerplant at the heart of the MC20.

3.0-Litre 90° V6
Engine Mass
220 Kg
Valvetrain x Timing
8-Speed DCT
Twin Turbocharged
Max Power
621 Hp @ 7,500 RPM
Dry Dump
Firing Order
1 – 6 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 5
Max Revs
8,000 RPM
Max Torque
730 Nm @ 3,000 RPM
Bore x Stroke
88 x 82 mm


The MC20 is the first Maserati to utilize a carbon fibre monocoque. Carbon is also utilized for several finishes of the MC20’s interior and exterior, and for the car’s optional carbon ceramic material (CCM) brakes.

Total Mass
1,500 Kg
Front Suspension
Double-wishbone with virtual steering axle, anti-roll bar
0-100 Km/h
< 2.9 Seconds
Front Brakes (CCM)
390 x 36 mm, 6 Piston
100-0 Km/h
< 33 Meters
Rear Suspension
Double-wishbone with virtual steering axle, anti-roll bar
Rear Brakes (CCM)
360 x 28 mm, 4 Piston
Top Speed
325 Km/h

Bespoke Dynamics

The MC20 makes the most of every driving excursion. Four distinct driving modes seamlessly adjust the car’s parameters to keep you connected and in-control at all times as the mid-engine rear-wheel drive layout stuns with its dynamics.


Where performance meets comfort, As the default driving mode, it allows for fluid gear shifting and soft suspension calibration that makes the MC20’s fierce power effortlessly accessible.


The best performance on the racetrack comes from a combination of power and optimized traction. With stiffer suspension engaged and enhanced gear shifting, the MC20 delivers a superlative sporting experience.


Maximum power is immediately available, exhaust valves remain opened, and traction control is reduced. Launch Control is also available for maximum thrills from start to finish.


In damp or rainy conditions, traction is maintained and power is strategically deployed when accelerating to ensure total, confident control.


From the pronounced front splitter to the aggressive rear diffuser, the MC20 is lithe and technical in both function and aesthetics. The design of the MC20 is guided by its lightweight principles while honoring its Maserati predecessors. MC20 embodies the racing beauty of today and beyond into an exciting future.


Radical performance meets the Maserati GT spirit. Race-inspired refinement sees that controls are elegantly simple and driver oriented. The interior layout, its luxurious materials, and loving attention to detail create an unmatched sense of opulence and class-leading ergonomic efficiency.


Purposeful Leaps in Luxury

The MC20 is the first Maserati to sport butterfly doors. Not only do they add presence and drama, they allow driver and passenger more room to enter and exit the interior, and proudly display the carbon fibre monocoque.

Class-Leading Ergonomics

The MC20 is the first Maserati to sport butterfly doors. Not only do they add presence and drama, they allow driver and passenger more room to enter and exit the interior, and proudly display the carbon fibre monocoque.

The Best Sound

An incredible sounding car is undoubtedly worthy of an incredible audio system. The MC20 is the first Maserati to feature an optional 12-speaker Sonus faber High-Premium Audio System.

Mechanical Heart and Soul

The handbuilt Nettuno engine uses a Formula 1 style pre-chamber combustion system with twin-spark plugs, the first time technology of this caliber has been used on any road-going engine.

Electronic Limited-Slip Differential

Experiencing the breadth of the MC20’s dynamics need not be limited. the optional Electronic Limited-Slip Differential puts the power to the ground with no fuss and no slippage. Combined with the 8-Speed Dual Clutch gearbox, the MC20’s 621 Hp is always accessible.

Fully Digitalized Interior

The MC20 features a customizable TFT instrument cluster and connected infotainment system – both displaying on crisp 10.25″ screens.

Multimedia Connectivity

The MC20 will be connected at all times with Maserati Connect. The full range of services includes navigation, Alexa, and Wifi Hotspot. These features can be managed through the Maserati Connect app both for smartphone and smartwatch.

The MC20 is designed to be both a coupe and convertible, and for electric propulsion. An exciting development, with more exciting developments to come.