Undoubtedly SUV, unmistakably Maserati. An insider look at the Levante

Conquer new horizons and rise to every adventure with the Maserati Levante. Named after the Mediterranean wind that can change from calm to gale in an instant, the Levante gets you where you need to go with speed, precision, and safety. With every passing year the craftsmanship behind each detail on get more and more refined, and we're excited to share an insider look into what makes the Maserati Levante the powerful icon that it is.

Born from Maserati’s grand touring tradition, the Levante’s design combines eye-catching elegance and flawless aerodynamics with technology on an entirely new scale. If that wasn't enough its powerful roar and outstanding performance will only turn heads that much quicker. The prowess of the twin-power turbo engine ensures 523HP and an impressive 0-100km/h acceleration in only 4.2s. And you can easily take the thrilling driving experience off the beaten path with an advanced all-wheel drive system, skyhook suspension for adaptive ground clearance and shock absorption, and an off-road driving mode.

Inside, the Levante incorporates exclusive upholstery crafted with the finest materials, giving it the ultimate touch of Italian style. The Levante’s frameless touchscreen is equipped with real time updates, connection to all smart devices and dedicated support and a powerful and carefully structured sound system. Safety is priority, with features such as the Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA), Level 2 Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and an intelligent air quality system that prevents polluted air and harmful gasses from entering the cabin.

Outside, the Levante proudly displays the Iconic Trident grille while providing ease of use with Keyless Entry, Soft Close door features and more. Every detail of the new Levante is an expression of skilled Italian craftsmanship and driving on board this masterpiece is an experience of comfort and adrenaline in itself.